Funny thing about a garden…

Hello creatives! I know it’s been a while. We are busy developing this platform for you. The truth is, it’s easy to start something new but if there isn’t a need for it, what’s the point?

We would like to share some interesting facts about gardening to challenge the way that we see ourselves as creatives. We need to see ourselves as ‘a working progress.’ This doesn’t mean that we fail to acknowledge completion in specific areas but that we find joy in recognising that we are continuously changing, developing and growing.

Just as gardening can be considered as either ‘art’ or ‘science’, I urge you, creative, to see yourself in the same way; multi-faced, complex and most importantly a treasure in and on earth (just think about it)!

Plants respond to sound

Cool right? Apparently plants can sense and react to temperature changes and can discern the sound of predators and when they do, they amplify their defence systems.

As creatives we are just as sensitive to sound in our immediate environment. In order to grow healthily we need to deliberately reject sounds that encourage stagnancy. We need to be very tactical about what influences who we are and what art we produce. Now the Bible tells us that without consultation and wise advice, plans are frustrated (Proverbs 15:22) so we are not encouraging the false doctrine of ‘it’s just me and God.’ Nor sir, no ma’am, seeking wise counsel is vital to your growth so be careful of who you listen to.

Buttercups can kill you

You will most likely find these innocent looking wildflowers hanging around in open spaces and back lawns. They are highly poisonous and if eaten can cause painful deaths.

Buttercups grow in fenceless gardens that are open to all. As a creative you cannot allow every voice to have influence over you. This will kill you and your art. The evidence of this death is the feeling of loss of self. You will find that you have taken so much in that you are now unable to distinguish yourself from others. Protect your garden. Guard your garden and watch your flowers grow.

The secret to a healthy garden is the soil and not so much the plant

The soil dictates how well your garden will grow. Different plants require different growing conditions so don’t be ignorant of your needs. Every season has its requirements. Follow the small promptings of your heart and you will cultivate good soil.

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The word ‘garden’ is anagram for ‘danger.’

It is so easy for us to put ourselves at risk. Sometimes we don’t even realise that we’re in danger until we see death all around us. All of a sudden you realise that the same thing that used to bring you joy brings numbness. Here’s a rule: do not step out of the boundaries that God has set for you. Don’t do too much (the proud shall be humbled) and don’t too little (this is false humility). We all carry a measure of grace. Remember, you can find ripe and dying produce in the same garden. As creatives, it is vital that our garden- mind, body, soul and spirit is not overgrown, unkempt and untidy.

But hey we all need a little bit of dirt grow 😉



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