Hey creatives, we hope you are well and are not too busy “doing”. Our generation is full of creatives with fantastic ideas but no strategy and that is a big problem. I urge you, get equipped and seek knowledge from those who have been where you’re trying to go.

…And that’s exactly what we’re doing! JoyJungle is a new platform and we don’t have everything figured out yet. But that isn’t going to stop us. On our Facebook page we share daily creative inspiration from creatives that inspire us to keep on going, even when we don’t have the full picture. We believe that the world will be stale without the creatives but we also believe in the care and wellbeing of the artists and that’s why we exist!

So this week we found out that Pharrell Williams is in London for a free creative event and snatched up a couple tickets straight away! We also put a call out for those of you who wanted to come along (sorry if you missed it). We loved the event so much that we’re blogging about it and you can find a snippet of the conversation on our SoundCloud.

The event opened with a performance from Billie Eilish which we absolutely loved! You can find a snippet of this on our SoundCloud also. We loved the simplicity of her performance and the soft and sweet tones created with her falsetto. Her set was very simple, just herself and her brother on an acoustic guitar for one performance and a keyboard for other. It was very intimate and inviting and the audience were very receptive to her.

The host then introduced Rolland Lamb, the owner of ROLI, who gave a brief presentation on why he creates and the inspiration behind his products. ROLI is essentially a music technology company with a passion to make music accessible to all. Rolland began sharing how limited he felt by not being able to create certain sounds because he didn’t have access to all instruments. He also said that the instruments that he did have access to did not have the capability to bend and blend sounds in the way that he desired and this is his reason and inspiration behind his products.

He then went on to demonstrate how a few of the products work before introducing the Chief Creative Officer of ROLI Pharrell Williams who joined the conversation on why creativity is important. This post won’t explicate on all points (just hit up da SoundCloud) but will pick out a few that are applicable to creatives in all spheres.


  1. We’re co-creators with the creator

Pharrell spoke a lot about creativity as a human experience. Creativity is in everything and everywhere and it is what distinguishes humans from other animals. Creativity isn’t limited to the arts. Everything that we use and wear is a manifestation of a creative idea that began as a thought. An author once said ‘if you have ideas but don’t act on them, you are imaginative but not creative.’ Just let think sink in!

  1. Creativity is about hope

Both Pharrell and Rolland spoke about the compassionate side of why they do what they do. They spoke about the need to insight hope into situations that may seem hopeless. The Bible says hope deferred makes the heart sick (Proverbs 13:12). Creativity has the ability to showcase hope. The creative has the power to see a need and act upon it. The creative mind is one that is solution oriented but it depends on the boldness of the individual to seek out the genius within them.

  1. Create from discontent

When Rolland asked Pharrell what inspires him to create he answered ‘that which is missing.’ Pharrell spoke about sounds he that he wanted to hear and music that he wanted to feel and the change that he wanted to make in fashion and culture.

Although he finds the term creative ‘pretentious,’ he sees the ability as humbling. The ability to be creative is truly an extraordinary gift, if only many people would stop belittling their ideas and act upon them.

  1. Producers are like mirrors

We loved this! Pharrell said that the job of the producer is likened to a mirror; it shows sides of an artist that you wouldn’t ordinarily see. When we take selfie’s we usually take a picture on our good side and every time we take a selfie we take it on exactly the same side. The job of the producer is to highlight different sides to the artist and encourage confidence in the other sides.

Creativity as a whole can be liked to this mirror imagery (hah- punny). Every time we create we see different sides of ourselves and our world. We have the opportunity to hold up a mirror to society and highlight issues and also provide solutions. We can hold up a mirror to issues and concerns and force our society, by using our God-given gifts and talents, to see a different side to our world.

Has they ‘why’ changed?

Like Pharrell we need to continuously be interested in ‘that which is missing’ and chase that every day. The ‘why’ will be different for all of us. JoyJungle is tired of hearing of the deaths of creatives year after year. We are tired of seeing great art from mentally ill artists being celebrated as their wellbeing is ignored. We are tired of the misuse and abuse of creatives and creative voices. That is our ‘why.’

What is yours?

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