Having doubts? You’re in a good place!

So I stumbled upon this tweet and it really got me thinking about the importance of doubt.


What does it mean to doubt?

To doubt is to question, to be uncertain and to be hesitant. What’s inherently terrible about that? Most of us are uncomfortable with not knowing because with knowing comes safety. But that is no way to live, especially not as a creative. That’s too dead.

Yes I do get it, it’s frustrating to be in a position of constant doubt but how mundane is it to always be certain? To always know, to always predict and to be spot on. Instead of beating yourself up about the fact that you have doubts, posture yourself to seek even when you’re unsure, as it is from this place that great creatives are cultivated.

Doubt is important for personal growth. The best way to grow is to question. Accept those uncomfortable situations, accept that you won’t always be sure about everything but be willing to learn and be cultivated. Doubt is a double sided coin and an essential element in the process of knowing. How will you know that you know? Have you tried this thought? Have you tested this idea? After all the testing and trials you will get an assured answer.

I remember studying Socrates at A-level Philosophy and I will never forget his notion of ‘I know that I know nothing.’ Even though I am a believer this concept resonates with me and helps me to interpret the doubts that I have within myself. This is often my premise. Yes, I’m aware that I don’t know BUT. It is at this ‘but’ that my God-given creative genius kicks in, and I begin to jot down my fragmented ideas that help me to navigate through difficulty. This ‘but’ is an open place of hope, where I expose my self-imposed limitations to the light of my faith, and I find confidence in myself and the God who created me.

So what are you doubting?

Is it your ability to achieve? Is it your confidence in your ideas? Confidence in yourself? Faith in God? That is all fine, believe me! But what will you do with that doubt? Yes it’s risky, yes there is so much that you do not know. Yes, you’re uncomfortable but that’s good! You’re in a good place to start seeking to know these things. Ask questions not just to yourself but to others. Read, research, seek out those answers and I am confident that you will find them.

Popular doubts:

I’m not good enough- Good enough for what? Good enough to try? What is your measure of enough? What is your concept of goodness?

I’m going to fail- yes, probably. But so what? Failure isn’t the end. Try again!

I don’t know what’s next- good! That’s exciting! Take the first step and watch everything else align.

See doubt as the first step in any creative venture. You yourself are a creative venture. The journey ahead is exciting and you’re well equipped for it.



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