About us

JOYJUNGLE is a platform of faith, artistry and community. It aims to explore the complexities of a believer with creative genius and real struggles to encourage balanced, healthy and edifying conversations.

JOYJUNGLE explores faith and doubt and to what it means to navigate through life as a believer.

It is no secret that life has a way of leaving its mark on us. The idea that the testimony is a celebration of our success is problematic. We can learn so much about God, ourselves and each other through our experiences and they should not be ignored!

JOYJUNGLE explores artistry, the life of the artist, and the significance of creativity within the church.

We want to support those who desire to be healthy and whole and not just gifted and talented. We understand the struggles that come with producing and even publishing art that comes from the very depths of a person. We understand the conflict of wanting to share, but wanting to keep closed. We desire to create a platform for believers to share their unadulterated selves for the purposes of separating the person from the art. Why? Because we believe that the person is often lost in the art.

JOYJUNGLE is passionate about community and believes that there is strength in transparency.

Through our tailored workshops and products, we aim to build a community for believers. As we share our art and creative genius, we share aspects of ourselves. This is not just to applaud our creativity, but also to unpack our minds and to be intentional about finding support to tackle our issues.

We’re always on the lookout for believers to join us on this journey. If you’re interested, hit us up!