This is your portal!

We hope that you are not only inspired, but comforted and assured in this JoyJungle.

Before you go any further, we just want you to know that joy is a process. It is not achieved through vain ramblings, over activity or inactivity. So, if life is a journey, joy is not a destination but a decision of direction. We are not here to encourage the pathetic ‘be happy’ philosophy because life is not that straight forward. We are here to create a space for dialogue and community with the aim of inspiring a mutual support system among creatives.

Hah, we caught you mid-thought, trying to figure out if you fit the description of a creative or not. Don’t worry we’ll get to that.

Feel free to interact and use the resources and contact us to let us know what you think about the space so that we can improve it for you.

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