Do you know of any resources that creatives could benefit from?

We are committed to community and we aim to build a creative hub that equips, supports and encourages creatives. Sharing knowledge is key to breaking down barriers of ignorance and sharing resources is also key to breaking down the barriers of lack. This is key to building a healthy creative community.


There are many creatives who struggle with mental health and other issues. Due to the nature of who we are, we tend to live inside of ourselves, which sometimes makes it hard for us to find the support that we need. Sadly, most of us are are able to function and produce great art in the midst of decay and we do not believe that it should be this way.

We are asking you to suggest resources that you think would benefit creatives in any way. This can be anything from registered organisations and programs to even YouTube channels and other websites. We will review and post your suggestions as we see fit.

Jungle Massive!

We really want to open up the space for you to share your creativity, your musings and your day-to-day living. This will help with building the community that we desire because as we share our art we share a bit of ourselves. We believe that there is something humbling about sharing art that reaches the unseen and forces us to look deep into the state of the creative soul.

Do you have anything to share? Contact us!